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Etude House Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base
Thursday, 6 February 2014 | 17:08 | 1 comments

Hello again! This is my first review for the blog (opposed to that copied one from my Tumblr). I hope you find this helpful ^_^

Packaging  /5
Like most Etude House products, the packaging of this base is adorable. The box is simple and sweet (heh), with it's pastry designs and soft pink.

The container for the product itself is very simple but the shape and small accents really do make it look princess-y. Expect me to say that for most of my Etude House reviews haha~ The pot is made from a heavy (and seemingly durable) frosted glass with the product name printed on it and the cap is made from a shimmery plastic.

Colour ♥/5
I chose the mint coloured base to neutralise redness in the skin and it works quite well. It's not a miracle product because the coverage is quite light but it does the job for me because my skin isn't too red. As the green tone isn't too strong, it could be worn on the skin without foundation since a light layer can look very natural. However, people with very strong red tones may like to layer something over this if they want to cover a lot more.

I'm not too fond of the fact that the base makes the skin seem a tad whiter after being applied (which may be an issue for darker skin as it could appear ashy) but it's not a big deal if you wear a bb cream over it. I know some people like it that way though.

The colour is the selling point of this product. As a base, don't expect it to hide large pores or smooth out fine lines.

Scent /5
There isn't a strong scent but if you sniff it in the pot, it smells a bit like plaster. It doesn't smell like anything once applied though.

Texture /5
It feels smooth and a little dry/powdery when blending it in. It's texture is like cream but less runny.

Finish /5
It gives a semi-matte finish which is good for slightly oily skin.

Sun Protection /5
At SPF25 PA++. this is quite good for every day use as it protects agains UVA and UVB rays.

(The lighting wasn't too good here, the whitening effect is not that substantial)

Price /5
I believe I paid 110HKD for this at a Etude House store (or maybe it was £11, I can't remember) and I find it to be a reasonable price since you need so little product for each application and at 25g, it will last a while.

- Neutralising colour
- Semi-matte finish
- Cute packaging
- Good price
- Sun protection

- Scent isn't wonderful but it's not prominent
- Colour may not be appropriate for darker skin tones

A good product for a good price. I personally like it though it may not be for every one.

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