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Jill Stuart Lipstick 04 Baby Coral
Tuesday, 11 February 2014 | 19:34 | 0 comments

I believe this lipstick from a 2012 Jill Stuart collection but I could be wrong.. Apologies for not including photos of the lipstick on my lips, they don't photograph well.

(The lighting wasn't too good in this picture)

Packaging  ♥/5
I really like the concept of the packaging. The container has a metallic sheen to it (I can't really tell if it's plastic or a light weight metal) with a clear sticker that has some information printed on it and 'Jill Stuart' printed directly on the metal. The cap and the 'jewel' on the bottom is made from a clear plastic. They've definitely cut corners with the materials but the packaging is still able to look chic. I'd say the packaging is the selling point of this product.

Colour ♥/5
The colour is a lovely pink shade that blends very well with my natural lip colour. I would say the undertone is a neutral/warm tone but it's quite sheer so it should work on most skin undertones. It contains very fine shimmers that aren't too noticeable but give the lips a satiny finish. The colour is definitely a subtle tone so those who like to make a statement may not be 
so keen on it.

Scent ♥/5
It has a light powdery, floral scent that seems to be very common with the Jill Stuart products that I own. I quite like it but you can't smell it unless you directly smell the tube.

Moisturising capabilities ♥/5
I don't find there to be particularly moisturising but it doesn't dry out my lips so it's not bad at least. A lip balm before applying it would probably be a good idea.

Lasting Power ♥/5
It's difficult to tell how long it lasts because once you apply it, you barely remember it's their due to the colour. It lasts a reasonable length of time but if you want to keep the colour, you might  need to apply it every hour or so.

Price ♥/5
The Jill Stuart website lists it for 2800Yen/£17/$27 for 5g of product but they don't sell it directly. That's not too expensive for a high end brand but since they're not too common (the only physical store I've seen it at was in Asia), online prices can vary (I've seen it at Yesstyle for quite a bit more). If you want a high end lipstick, you may as well go for a MAC one which is cheaper (and I've heard they're very good) or if you're looking for cute packaging, you might want to try an Etude House lipstick. That isn't to say this Jill Stuart one isn't good for the price, it's all down to the individual.

- Beautiful packaging
- Pretty and natural colour

- The price is a bit steep (for most places)
- Not very long lasting
- Not very moisturising

Will I repurchase? Most likely not. A dupe for it could probably be found and I don't have enough money to buy high end products just for the packaging.

Thanks for reading my review! ^_^

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