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Crown Phone Purse Review
Thursday, 13 March 2014 | 18:53 | 0 comments

Second review this week, this time with a purse rather than a beauty product ^_^

Colour ♥/5
I love the colour! It has a pretty mint exterior and a pastel pink inside. They work really well together and the gold accents really make it look quite high end. They offer various colours, including a reverse of this one.

Design ♥/5
The purse has a very lovely and simple design.
The small accents really make the purse look cute.

(This usually aligns well, in the photo, but it's pinching the bag in the photo)

It has multiple compartments to separate your phone, coins, cards and notes. and a zipped section to keep them extra secure.

It has a little gap for you to charge your phone or plug in your headphones. It's not too big so it's unlikely that your phone will fall out, unless it's really small.

The little crown zip is a lovely detail.

Quality /5
The quality seems pretty good but I'm not sure how long it will fare. The hole in the purse used to charge the phone looks like it could rip which would make it pretty pointless as a phone case. The gold accents are made with a light metal which could break if they aren't handled with care.

Size /5
I personally find the size perfect for my phone (iPhone 4S) but those with really large phones (or a lot of things to put in their purse) may find it a tad small.
Price ♥/5
I bought this in China and it was pretty cheap. However, shipping costs from Asia can be pretty big which might make it not worth the price. You can probably find sellers on eBay or Amazon if you live outside of Asia.

- Cheap
- Adorable design (and lots of colours to choose from)
- Decently sized

- Could be too small for some people
- Quality may not be great in the long run

Overall /5
Will I repurchase it if breaks? Most likely not.

Thank you for reading ^^

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