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Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Review
Tuesday, 18 March 2014 | 20:16 | 0 comments

Hello again! I'm back with another lip stick review from Etude House ^^ Again, I didn't include photos of my lips, they're really chapped at the moment T_T

Reblog the post here: http://tedisu.tumblr.com/post/79994882702/etude-house-dear-my-blooming-lips-talk-review

Packaging  ♥/5
It's so so cute! I adore the princessy packaging of Etude House and this is not exception. The bulk of the packaging is made from a pastel pink plastic with a very fine glittery texture The top of it resembles the cap of the Etude House Choux Primer. The base has little creases little metallic bow looks like it ties the top and bottom together (almost like fabric). Some might find the material to feel cheap but it looks gorgeous.

Colour /5
There are lots of colours to choose from at Etude House so this isn't an issue. I bought this in OR210. The colour is a bright, matte coral that looks very lovely. It appears to have quite warm tones but it should suit multiple skin tones. I was a bit annoyed that the colour was qutie pink (I prefer a more orangey colour) but that's not at the fault of Etude House, I just chose the wrong colour.
so keen on it.

Bullet Appearance /5
The top is pointed for precision and there is a pretty pattern imprinted on the bullet which looks very lovely!

Scent ♥/5
It seems to have a light floral scent but not noticeable unless you are trying to sniff it closely.

Moisturising capabilities /5
I find this to be quite drying. If you have dry lips, a lip balm will definitely be needed as it doesn't moisturise in the slightest.

Finish ♥/5
A simple semi-matte finish.

Lasting Power /5
I think it lasts a decent amount of time though it definitely can't be advertised as long wearing. It lasts between 2-4 hours without eating or drinking but if you want to keep the colour bright, it may need reapplying. I leaves a light stain which is good for me as I usually just let my lipsticks fade into a more natural tint though.

Price /5
I find the price to be quite decent. I bought it at an Etude House store in Hong Kong and I think it amounted to about £6/$10 which is quite cheap. You could probably get better ones for the price but not one as cute.

- Adorable packaging and bullet
- Pretty colour
- Lots of choices
- Semi-matte finish
- Cheap

- Might be difficult to get outside of Asia
- Colours might not be accurate if you are buying online
- Average lasting power
- Makes lips dry

Will I repurchase? Maybe in a different shade or maybe in the Jelly Lips Talk version since that seems more moisturising.

Thank you for reading! What are your thoughts on the lipstick/brand?

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