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Laneige Water Sleeping Pack_EX
Tuesday, 11 March 2014 | 17:21 | 0 comments

It's been a while, I'm sorry >.< Here is another skin care product review and it's one of my favourites ^_^
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Different sources showed different ingredients in the products and I can't read Korean so I don't know what exactly is in it from the box. But I know it works (and honestly, I wouldn't know what half the benefits of the ingredients are anyway). They just work well together, that's all I know.

How to use:
The instructions come in a little sheet and they say to basically scrunch up your face and then relax it with the product on. It might help the product work better but I don't fancy doing that, it seems like it'd give you wrinkles in the long run.

Packaging  ♥/5
It's a lovely blue colour and decently sized. It has the words printed in black and so far, they haven't worn off. It's quite light because it's made of plastic but the layer of plastic on the packaging make it look quite high end. It's a twist off container and it includes a spatula (which is supposed to be more hygenic) but I prefer just to dip clean fingers in to scoop out product than to clean a spatula, wipe it on my clean hands and wash the spatula.

Scent ♥/5
I'm not 100% sure how to describe the scent but it is pleasant and relaxing (though it doesn't last once on the face). Laneige call it 'Sleepscent'. It sort of smells like clean sheets?

Effectiveness /5
I feel like when I apply this, the next day my skin feels softer and more hydrated. It's not a miracle product but it does it's job very well. A moisturiser isn't required before or after.

Texture/colour /5
It's a very smooth gel and feels quite light and watery. It does take a long time to absorb into the skin but it's sort of a mask so I wouldn't have expected it to. You have to keep your head facing up and quite still because it transfers on touch.

Colour /5
It's a lovely translucent blue but is clear on the skin.

Price /5
I've seen it for about $25 for 80ml on ebay (I got it for about £12 at HK Sasa on sale which is about $19). I find that to be a good price for a moisturising pack from Laneige.

- Very moisturising
- Decent price
- Great scent

- It might not work for all sensitive skin types due to the colour and fragrance 
- Not travel friendly (it's quite bulky for the amount of product)

Overall /5
Will I repurchase? Probably!

Thanks for reading! <3

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