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Tony Moly Green Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream
Tuesday, 25 March 2014 | 20:10 | 1 comments

I'm back after a little while (oops) with another review, this time for Tony Moly ^_^

Packaging  ♥/5
The design is of a bright green apple, roughly the same size and made of plastic. A lot of the Tony Moly skin care products are shaped like food and I absolutely adore them! To access the product, you twist the top half to reveal the cream. Some might find the lack of spatula to be unhygienic but just washing your hands thoroughly before dipping your finger into the product is fine really. The bottom has a little sticker but it's in Hangul/Korean so I don't understand what it says >.< I did read reviews before purchasing but the packaging is a huge selling factor for this product.

Scent ♥/5
This smells utterly amazing, like fresh green apples. I find myself just taking an extra moment to smell it when I open it. The fragrence doesn't stay for a long time while on the face but long enough to be enjoyed. People with sensitive skin could have problems with this though.

Effectiveness (Exfoliating ability) ♥/5
Honestly, I think this product being credited as a peeling cream is a bit of a hoax. Unwashed skin and freshly exfoliated skin having as the same amount of dead skin peeled off? I personally find that unlikely. I think the product might do a little exfoliating but the 'skin' that comes off is most likely the dried product. A lot of the reviews seem to thing that it really was dead skin but I don't think that's the case.

Moisturising capabilities /5
After using this, you could probably stop there and skip a moisturiser. I wouldn't recommend it but it moisturises well and leaves the skin soft.

Price /5
I think I bought this for £6-ish ($10) which I think is pretty cheap and I think the product is worth the price. It contains 80g which will last a long time if you don't use it daily, that is.

- Cute packaging
- Lovely scent
- Quite cheap
- Moisturising

- The 'peeling' claim is a little false
- Not travel friendly (it's quite bulky for the amount of product)

Overall /5

Will I repurchase? Most likely not. I like the packaging but the product is only okay.

Thank you for reading my review ^^

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Blogger Kiyomi Hayano said on 20 September 2014 at 14:16  

Great review! I've actually wanted to try this product out so thank you for the review c: I love your blog layout by the way ^^
~Kiyomi <3

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